Photograph of a slender slipcase made of uncovered bookboard,the slipcase contains five publications in a similar colour

A close of the white belly band around the five publications, the nearest edge of the belly band shows two Japanese kanji characters

One of the five publications open showing the folded contents

The same publication with the white paper contents partially unfolded

The publication with the page fully unfolded, it show an irregular grid of six images. Image one shows the reflection on a picture frame; image two shows a space where a plain wall meets the pillows on a bed; image three shows a partly damaged architectural illustration of yet another block of luxury flats in London; image four shows the reflections of four people in the ripping water of a canal; image five shows the top of the London Shard lit up in blue in support of the NHS during Covid, oh the irony; image six shows a derelict memorial to an 18th century Jewish philanthropist in Stepney