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Agoria ~ Stereolove

I haven’t heard of Agoria so obviously I do a Google: no.1 doesn’t look too likely: “Agoria, fédération belge multisectorielle de l'industrie technologique - multisectorfederatie van de technologische industrie - the multisector federation ...”, but no.2 looks promising: “Agoria, french techno dj and producer, official website. Site officiel du dj et producteur techno francais Agoria.” I like the website and the biography’s kind of cute as long as you can tolerate complaints about how being an international dj isn’t glamorous (try getting an office job or washing dishes Agoria). The music? Ah yes the music – well Stereolove is a house-phreak who’s fallen in love with Primal Scream and absolutely refuses to lead an independent life. I don’t know how Bobby Gillespie feels about that – flattered, pissed off or serenely unaware? Who knows.
Colin Buttimer
February 2004
Published by Absorb