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Ammoncontact ~ One In An Infinity Of Ways

LA-based duo Ammoncontact are schooldays friends Carlos Niño and Fabian Ammon. One In An Infinity Of Ways is their successor to last year’s longplayer Sounds Like Everything. “Dreamy” begins things trippy, bordering on wholesale psychedelic. It’s a tasty pease pottage whose ingredients include lolling-tongued synths, a synthetic rhythm capable of slicing cheese at a 100 yards, out of tune flutes and acoustic guitar. “Healing Vibrations" ratches up the tempo but lowers the ante by reducing the number of elements mingling with each other to produce a big, bumbling track that comes out like a blurred minimalism. “Keepintime” starts with the almost too familiar whoops and shouts of audience reaction, cuts to a catchy little bass figure that repeats just the right number of times, then suddenly the whole thing morphs into a pensive, spacious electro number blessed with a mouthwateringly gorgeous Fender Rhodes solo. Blink and you’d think you’d just heard three different tracks, except that the whole thing makes delicious, mesmerising sense. One In An Infinity Of Ways is so messy, so rich and tactile you feel like you could pick it up and muss it around. It’s upscale, upbeat, fun music cut with a generous serving of leftfield unpredictability. Ammoncontact demonstrate they know light and shade as well as bustle and space. Think the glad vibes of Hu Vibrational, the gritty textures of Clouddead and the insistent, fragmented grooves of Prefuse 73. But that won’t be enough. Just think Ammoncontact. Don’t know what the headnodders will make of this, but who cares? This is instrumental hiphop for headtrippers and bootyshakers everywhere. One In An Infinity Of Ways ends with the only vocal cut of the album, Lil Sci says: “So many ways I could have approached this song, I chose this one... just go where my heart points and bring substance...” Amen.
Colin Buttimer
November 2004
Published by Grooves magazine