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Boca Raton ~ Enzo / Further

Enzo / Further is a work in two parts. Enzo comprises 10 shorter pieces, succeeded by Further, a single long piece lasting roughly 16 minutes. Hums and vibrations cohere into a riddle of electrical static and occasional, sudden movement. The impression is of marshalled electro-acoustic improvisation. There’s something concentratedly intent upon the high pitches and scuffles, as though the listener were eavesdropping upon an electronic entity busily building its nest. A number of field recordings become recognisable: the backbone of Enzo 6 is made up of the edited bounce of a table tennis ball, while the 31 second Enzo 9 meld sticky tape and disquieting vocal sounds. The familiarity of these sounds tempts the listener to view the other noises as codes to be unravelled.

Taking this approach further, each part of Enzo may be experienced like the sort of visual conundrum which offers close-up views of an object without revealing its real nature. Simultaneously, Jasper Johns’ sage advice to ‘avoid the idea of a puzzle which can be solved’ echoes in the mind. These associations are later substantiated by locating an online interview in which Martijn Tellinga, aka Boca Raton, observes that “Enzo/Further is a jigsaw-puzzle really in which all loose parts are introduced in the first, rather short, 11 tracks, to make up one, more slowly developing longer piece ‘Further’ which includes all these elements reworked once more.” This approach provides attractive material for contemplation and offers up the prospect of a Borges-like precision.

The inclusion of field recordings in the final piece - including a lengthy stretch of traffic noise recorded in Morocco - prevents the recursive qualities indicated here, from resulting in a drily academic piece. Further, in particular, sketches out an attractive balance between the lived, the meditative and the electronic.
Colin Buttimer
September 2005
Published by e/i Magazine