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Bronze Age Fox ~ EP

I put this on my cd player and within a minute I’ve taken it off again - which says a hell of a lot about how stuck in a rut my listening habits have become and nothing about Bronze Age Fox’s music. Once I’d ventured back to listen properly I discovered a charming six track ep from a group with an unfortunately slightly forgettable name. First track ‘Dinosaur’ comes on like early OMD with guitars until Dominic Jones starts singing a lovely ditty about cooking tea in a lighthouse. On second track, ‘Show Me Something More’, he goes falsetto and sounds slightly Prince-like. There are electronica-ish touches throughout (think The Notwist), as well as a fair dose of early 80s arthouse. This is great Pop (with a capital ‘P’) that should have you smiling, humming along, listening carefully to catch all the lyrics and returning again and again to enjoy all the little sonic details. Even the press release is likeable. Lovely and highly recommended (except to those dead of heart). I hope they make it really big.
Colin Buttimer
February 2004
Published by Absorb