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John Coxon/Evan Parker/Mark Sanders/Ashley Wales
~ Trio With Interludes

Trio With Interludes is the second release on John Coxon and Ashley Wales’ (nee Spring Heel Jack) new label, Treader. The album presents thirteen untitled tracks which alternate busy, stringent activity with shorter and more peaceful respites. The trio pieces are agog with Coxon’s frenetic keyboards whose sound is often synthetic enough to set teeth on edge, Parker’s ever alert and frequently hyperactive tenor and propulsive interaction by Sanders. Vicious sonic storms whip up quickly in this environment only to switch without warning into contrastingly becalmed sections. There are electronic sounds reminiscent of geiger counters on the blink, spooked notes of forlorn pianos and the knocking of seances in derelict buildings. Trio With Interludes is marked by a scratchy, wildcard vivacity. At the same time there’s something of the bleak, gothic detail of Iain Sinclair’s novels. Trio With Interludes might provide a perfect accompaniment for his next film.
Colin Buttimer
April 2005
Published by Jazzwise magazine