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Cyne – Time Being

This is Cyne’s first album after four 12”s.
Time Being is thirty two minutes and nine seconds long.
There are fourteen tracks.
There’s an Intro at the beginning and an Outro at the end.
Cyne are a four-piece vocal hiphop outfit.
Cise and Akin are the MCs.
Speck and Enoch provide the beats.
Cyne’s music serves as a launchpad for their views and thoughts.
Cyne feel strongly, but express themselves clearly.
Cyne’s style is antithetical to the bling mainstream.
Cyne use samples to underline the vocal melodies.
Cyne’s music has a directness that’s reminiscent of The Streets.
Cyne’s style is honest, conscious and unafraid to be combative.
Cyne's website is at
You can listen to selected mp3s there.
Don’t listen to some two-bit, self-appointed critic.
Check them out and judge for yourself.
Colin Buttimer
April 2004
Published by Absorb