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Dalminjo ~ Fjord Fusioneer

Dear Reader,

Lurking somewhere on your cd shelves, or in your vinyl collection or maybe as an old Napster download in your music folder do you have a single or an album by Simply Red? Maybe it’s Greatest Hits or Stars or perhaps Picture Book? And who could blame you? Ater all Mick Hucknall possesses a fine soul voice and his musicians can play their instruments serviceably enough. And that single, the one with the video set in a fairground, that was really nice. Perhaps you’re also a regular reader of Straight, No Chaser and an admirer of its scintillating prose – you might not even blanch at the term ‘acid-jazz’... If so then Dalminjo might just be for you. I’m as big a fan of broken beat, ambient jungle and UKG as the next guy, but this sounds like Jazzanova the way a painting by numbers kit resembles a Rembrandt. In Dalminjo’s target audience Fjord Fusioneer may well have heads nodding and toes tapping, but this listener is rather remote from that demographic (though he might go and download that Simply Red single now he’s remembered it...)


The Reviewer.
Colin Buttimer
February 2004
Published by Absorb