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David Krakauer ~ Bubbemeises

In which prominent klezmer clarinettist David Krakauer takes a decided left turn and works with producer Socalled to produce an album of klezmer hiphop. The result is an ebullient mix of the original Arabic/Balkan/gypsy hybrid with a variety of contemporary musical creeds in a highly cosmopolitan whirl of an album. David Krakauer leads the way like a merry, occasionally crazed, pied piper. The title track mixes Krakauer’s age-old musical cry with a stomping hiphop beat and ends with a wise rap that encourages the listener, amongst other things, to “get off the table otherwise you’ll never get married”. Elsewhere on B Flat A La Socalled klezmer goes electro-lounge and on Turntable Pounding it gets down and dirty with heavy metal guitar and Jewish choir. The result is a compellingly infectious brew which, spilling over with incongruous, but ultimately convincing juxtapositions, proves thoroughly ancient to the future. No such thing as pure and unadulterated here, thank goodness. Bubbemeises’s musical tapestry is a persuasive plea not just for healthy co-existence, but fun-filled interaction.
Colin Buttimer
August 2005
Published by Jazzwise magazine