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Fax ~ Ruido De Fondo


Image of scrubland with trees, blue sky Pylons traverse a golden plain below a vivid blue sky speckled with pale clouds Hot, pale blue sky dappled with hazy clouds


image of futuristic building complex with enclosed pedestrian walkway, mostly silver, a large dome to the left Side view of Stuttgart art gallery designed by James Stirling what looks like the technologised inside of a circus tent or large pink fan


Looks like a blurred stock scientific image, blue background with some kind of diode in the foreground Blue sky with much more white cloud than previous images Obscure orangey image, almost abstract


A small punnet of large tomatoes The edge of some apartments whose facades trace a man-made, but distinctly attractive set of interlocking rhythms against another blue sky.

MP3 samples available here.

With thanks to John Berger.
In memory of Beatriz Ariza.

Colin Buttimer
May 2004
Published by Absorb