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Jaga ~ What We Must

Jaga return for album number four having parted company with half their name (Jazzist). However, the divorce doesn’t spell a radical departure from their signature sound. In fact, first track All I Know Is Tonight sounds like Phil Spector has taken over at the mixing desk, such is the wall of sound they produce. Stardust Hotel continues in like fashion borne along on a gorgeously overdriven, twinkling melody and there’s even a touch of ‘60s naif about the whole thing. Due to the lovely tune and the amount of space the group allow the composition to breathe, the vote for most enjoyable track must go to Swedenborgske Rom. The intricate lines and quickly changing passages are all present and correct and there’s a sense of welcome spontaneity that Jaga’s previous outing, The Stix, lacked. Less bombast and a little more subtlety on the high energy tracks would have been welcome, but overall, What We Must is a highly enjoyable album and a notable return to form.
Colin Buttimer
March 2005
Published by Jazzwise magazine