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Jet Jaguar ~ Think About It Later

European Funk Standard arrives on wavy horns; very nice, shifting grooves follow hot on their heels, next up are delightful little keyboard patterns redolent of hot, hot summer (sigh). Play this enough, maybe it’ll will the right weather in and the bad, bad monsoon weather out. Buy it and try it (out) – there has to be some way of getting the summer to arrive in the UK.

Stone Cat Stone Tail is cellophane synthetic and quietly confident about being on the one. It has a right to be. In the cut, pasted and sliced vocal there’s just a wisp of humanity left like sheep's wool on a barbed wire fence. Hepburn Springs brings yet more good weather with it – don your shades - this might just be the granddaughter of Roy Ayers’ Everybody Loves The Sunshine. Muscular bass is all present and correct, no chance of going AWOL at this juncture.

Jet Jaguar deliver just enough, never too much. Theirs is a lustrous, technological patina – an accomplished sheen that’s simultaneously removed and engaged. They’ll itch your scratches, have no fear. Jet Jaguar deliver hi-tech, hi-quality, lo-maintenance via beats chopped and diced like an expert chef with a very sharp knife. Traces of other musics come and go like smudged fingerprints on a windowpane. Think About It Later comes packaged in a lovely, almost indecipherable cover - bright green on brown cardboard rendered in little square tiles like the bottom of an expensive swimming pool. This is easy going, but engaging. It doesn’t try too hard. It doesn’t need to.
Colin Buttimer
August 2004
Published by Absorb