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Eyvind Kang and Tucker Martine ~ Orchestra Dim Bridges

Seattle violinist Eyvind Kang has previously collaborated with producer/musician Tucker Martine on the latter's Mount Analog project, but this is their first release as co-leaders. Together they have created an album of glorious melodies and strange soundscapes. The gorgeous Horizon sits firmly in the former camp, it’s an effulgent meditation upon summertime lit by a slowly setting sun which draws the listener away out onto a crystal blue sea. In the latter camp, Elegy Elegie’s rhythm sounds like unsteady progress along a gravel path and The Echoing Green comprises a battle of slurred and sampled percussion presided over by serene piano. Orchestra Dim Bridges is a little reminiscent of Daniel Lanois' classic productions for the likes of Emmylou Harris and U2, although there's something grainier, and more experimental here. The strangeness of this music appears unexpectedly from burnished surfaces. The effect is cinematic, as if one has been granted privileged access to watch flickering, half-remembered memories on a hazy screen. Kang’s playing, notably on Baseer Ornamental, is eastern-tinged, pecked and worried by Martine’s tinkling, chiming percussion. Orchestra Dim Bridges is located at the interstices of psychedelia, ambience and folk musics from east and west. Mixed in with these influences is a sense of home-made experimentation and an attention to the darker edges of experience which marks out this singular music.
Colin Buttimer
January 2005
Published by Signal To Noise magazine