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Kiln ~ Sunbox

Half an hour of sunbaked warmth and solid melodies. There’s a slightly hallucinogenic quality to Kiln’s sound – sometimes it’s as if they’re heard through ears situated just under the surface of water (is that the flitting of a dragonfly up there?) At other times it’s like when you’re somewhere so bakingly hot that it has an effect on acoustics similar to the visual wavering of the middle distance. Here I sit on a blustery Sunday in English springtime and my ears are telling me I’m on a Mediterranean beach in mid-summer. Strange. Sunbox’s events are driven along by lovely little glitchy rhythms that might just be the sampled sounds of ants trying to build sandcastles.

Instructions: 1. Purchase this cd; 2. Pack cd in summer bag prior to making a mercy dash for somewhere appropriately hot; 3. On arrival press ‘play’; 4. Lie back and luxuriate. (May be advisable to apply a little sunblock wherever you end up listening to this, even Croydon on a rainy day...)
Colin Buttimer
March 2004
Published by Absorb