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Leo Tardin ~ Grandpianoramax

The futuristic cover image of a helmeted figure standing on a desolate plain as the sun sets promises some form of sci-fi electronica. However, Leo Tardin's music proves to be a little more traditional than that. Nevertheless, the music contained on the Swiss-born 29 year old pianist’s debut is an intriguing mixture of styles. Eight of the nine tracks are piano and drum duets, some of which are acoustic affairs while others are performed on Fender Rhodes and embellished with Minimoog. Two Interludes are strikingly retro space age, slightly reminiscent of Headhunters-era Herbie Hancock. The penultimate track, Tranquille, is a rather lovely, but somewhat out of place solo piano piece that’s followed in short order by a more contemporary-sounding dance remix by Nuspirit Helsinki. Tardin is an accomplished and versatile pianist whose debut might have benefited from a little more focus on one particular style.
Colin Buttimer
May 2005
Published by Jazzwise magazine