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Meteosound ~ Select Cuts

Plain black text on a white label. I was never big up on white label stuff – I’m WAY too superficial. So’s everybody else – Stanford University’ve done laboratory tests and it’s a fact. And anyway, white label cdrs? Big tip to marketing departments – ALWAYS send out the finished graphics otherwise you’re not maximising your chances of getting a good review. Back to good old Google which results in some kind of confusion – I find the Meteosound site but still can’t find details of the cd. Anyways Thomas Fehlman is mentioned as remixer and I like this music. Track 2 delivers some lovely sounds like plastic warping fast in hot sun. These are die-cut vocal tracks, hard-edged, occasionally dripping with attitude. They span everything from house to digi-reggae.
Colin Buttimer
February 2004
Published by Absorb