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Nitin Sawhney ~ Fabric Live.15

“One of the most talented and recognized producers and songwriters within the British electronic and fusion music scene, Nitin Sawhney is also a respected actor, writer, and scriptwriter. Conceiving daring theme combinations of electronica-style beats with gleaming pieces of Asian inspirations driven within the trip-hop and jazzy styles, Sawhney delivers exclusive and overwhelming sound pieces, enlightened by his indubitable creative insight.”
(Mario Mesquita Borges, All Music Guide on Nitin Sawhney)

Phew! who knew? Who is this Mario Mesquita Borges anyway? ‘Indubitable creative insight’? Naaaaaaah...

“Following an education in the U.K. Kent region, obscured by the militant presence of racist organizations, Sawhney finally turned himself to music, therefore aiming to overcome the ruling and disquieting racial boundaries.”

U.K. Kent region? Man, that’s where I’m from – never heard it called that though. Anyways, Fabric – it’s a club innit? Live.15 must be their fifteenth mix cd innit? And? And, and, and – what the fuck are you still reading for? FABRIC = BIG CLUB. THIS IS MIX CD NUMBER 15.

You’re still here? Jeesh. How about:

Koop - Relaxing At Club F****N 2:33 1 of 16
Nitin Sawhney - Eastern Eyes 5:11 2 of 16
Nitin Sawhney - Homelands (Free Form) 5:25 3 of 16
Nitin Sawhney - Homelands (Dzin) 4:59 4 of 16
Tosca - Suzuki 4:02 5 of 16
Marcos Valle - Valeu 2:17 6 of 16
Kabuki - Tempest 4:20 7 of 16
Nathan Haines - Long 4:04 8 of 16
4Hero - We Who Are... 5:36 9 of 16
Phuturistix - Bad Thoughts 4:22 10 of 16
Darqwan - Three Note Blue 4:51 11 of 16
Visionary Underground - Freedom 5:08 12 of 16
Niraj Chag - The Wheel 4:53 13 of 16
Ges-E & Visionary Underground - Militant 24 5:16 14 of 16
Nitin Sawhney - Beyond Skin 3:46 15 of 16
Craig Armstrong Ft. Photek - Hymn 2 4:48 16 of 16

We’re talking sophisticated electronijazzfusion predominantly in Compost mode for the first half with things getting a little heavier in the second half. Enjoyable enough - just a tad difficult to see the point.

Who the hell buys mix cds anyway? Do you? If you do and you’re into sophisticated electronijazzfusion with a darker second half then visit your local vendor, fork out the money and you’ll be one happy bunny. Innit.

Colin Buttimer
April 2004
Published by Absorb