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Recon ~ White Label Deconstruction Mix

Londoner Chris Coode’s output may be better known as Motion whose releases have appeared on Taylor Deupree’s 12k imprint, but his music as Recon is every bit as interesting. Recon’s White Label album which appeared a few months back on Highpoint Lowlife was a fascinating collection of 12 shorter tracks (average duration about three and a half minutes). It was a flinty, concentrated set of works that could have been filed under techno, idm or glitch. Here was Detroit’s generally glistening template corroded by salt winds, industrial effluent and illegally dumped cfc’s. This Deconstruction Mix dissolves the boundaries between selected tracks from the original into a single 15 minute long piece. The result is a series of wasted atmospheres which hang like low clouds over wintry wastes. Recommended.
Colin Buttimer
October 2004
Published by Grooves magazine