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San Serac ~ Ice Age

San Serac...
One moustachioed man and his electric machines (2)
San Serac...
Referencing the electropop 80s (3)
San Serac...
Mixing in a dash of house, a smidgen of 90s Detroit techno for the thrill of it
San Serac...
Will reference (4) when necessary
San Serac...
Smart and knowing against a backdrop of Reaganomics (5)
San Serac...
Tired but aware of the need to remain fashionable (6) in this fast changing decade
San Serac...
Wise (7), witty and informed
San Serac...
Invite him into your home, offer him a seat and a diet Coke™
San Serac...
He'll sit with a wry smile admiring your decor, all the while knowing there's an ice age (8) on the way...
Ice Age....
A mixture of instrumentals and songs offered for your consideration and, surely, your delectation


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  1. Samples available here.
  2. Kawai K1 synthesizer (*), Kawai R-50 Drum Machine, Boss DR-5 Doctor Rhythm Section, Kawai PH50 Pop Keyboard, Akai S01 Sampler, Guitar, Roland Axis, Bass, Alesis DM5 Drum Module, Percussion
  3. Kraftwerk occasionally, but more accurately Yellow Magic Orchestra, Yello, perhaps even pre-Dare Human League
  4. Hall and Oates (*)
  5. Supply side economics, the Tax Reform Act of 1986 (*), the Laffer Curve (*)
  6. LA Gear, 501s, Sergio Valente jeans (*)
  7. “We’ve prepared a dossier concerning your habits.
    The things you enjoy, the songs you prefer, your purchasing patterns.
    There’s always a pattern, and we always find it.”
    from Market Research (It’s Time To Shop)
  8. The title track is also the final track. Its duration is 10:31. It's full of low analogue hums and chimes
Colin Buttimer
May 2004
Published by Absorb