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Shining ~ In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster

While you’re trying to work out whether the album title is a compliment or an insult, you could do worse than subject yourself to the strident jazz me(n)tal of first track Goretex Weather Report which pits a crowd of guitar-thrashing harridans against a tuned wine glass melody. A rancorous, little devil on my left shoulder wants to report that Rune Grammofon has crested its artistic peak and is now past its prime. Its adversary on my right however is glad to report that the Shining singularly lacks any evidence of such a decline. Comprising a couple of former members of Jagga Jazzist, the quintet offers up all manner of exotic hybrids, including leftfield jazz, rock, heavy metal, melodramatic film soundtracks and invigorating doses of noise. The result is raucous and unpredictable, but far from the messy headache one might suspect from reading such a list of ingredients. From the fluttering clarinet/male choir duet of Romani to the spooked, séance-like otherness of 31=300=20, Shining convince, surprise and don’t outstay their welcome for a second.
Colin Buttimer
February 2005
Published by Jazzwise magazine