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Sonic Terror Records ~ You Know How We Do

This is a half hour compilation on Sonic Terror Records. There’s always something slightly ridiculous about music that refers to itself as terrorising – like you’re supposed to be sitting on the sofa shivering with fear? It’ll be a mostly empty threat ‘til music reproduction technology has advanced to such a marvellous point that it enables big hairy musos to reach out of your stereo and threaten you in person. Having said that, the first track by Enduser (‘There Are A Lot Of Angry People In The World’) is a very enjoyable slice of drill/dark/slice-core full of hyper breaks and fun horror samples. III Cosby then proceeds to turn the tempo knob further than it should really go: the track’s called ‘Burn Out’ and it may just have caused that to happen to whatever circuit boards produced it. There’s a half-pace breather in the middle section before it girds its loins again for a final race towards the finishing line. Rusuden’s ‘Ana Appears Normal’ is an attractively raspy piece of repetition. Jerohme Spye’s apparently been listening to a fair amount of Squarepusher and Aphex, unlike your reviewer. That’s not intended as criticism - Nineteen is a fine series of morphing percussion episodes that cuts this way and that like a jet-powered namchuk. Isil Krunq’s Line 47 and Vinacco by Zwingli are another couple of Aphex approximations, perhaps a little less beguiling than their predecessor, but still enjoyable. A mixed bag of tracks, but well worth a listen.
Colin Buttimer
March 2004
Published by Absorb