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The Eternals ~ Rawar Style

The Eternals are a Chicago trio – Damon Locks on vocals, keys and sampler, Wayne Montana on bass and keys and Tim Mulvenna on drums. Mulvenna particularly has pedigree having played with jazz giants including Peter Brotzman and Ken Vandermark – he’s a mighty fine player who lays down driving, infectious grooves. Montana plays gangly, funky bass and brings the suggestion of dub into the mix while Locks sings in a variety of styles, often distinctly crazed, insistent and verging occasionally on the convulsive. Rawar Style is noisy new wave/no wave carrying with it hints of Devo, early Talking Heads, maybe the songform Material circa Temporary Music. It would be great fun to catch The Eternals live especially if it was from the moshpit pogoing in a crowd. It’s difficult not to imagine the band on stage in fezes and cream suits, with the singer additionally wearing black specs, pens peeking out of his top pocket and sweat streaming down his forehead - and they’d all be dancing manically. Though many of The Eternals’ references are to the early ‘80s, there are hints of contemporary influences, for example Silhouette slows the pace down and builds around a lovely sampled figure which is slightly reminiscent of a Fourtet track. However this is predominantly live music played by real, live musicians (remember?) and it’s loud and abrasive and a lot of fun.
Colin Buttimer
June 2004
Published by Absorb