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Tim Wright ~ Thirst

Think of Tim Wright’s ‘Thirst’ as a car whose custom bodywork has been created out of two other musical vehicles: one techno, the other UK Garage. There’s the glass-like transparency, menace and paranoia of the classic Detroit style merged with the kick and spring of UKG, and just the hint of ragga roar in the exhaust. Imagine the resulting vehicle thus:

Popping out to the local newsagents for 20 Silk Cut:

You’d better know your green cross code otherwise you’ll likely end up as another red smudge on the tarmac, more carion for the crows. Contemplate giving up.

Trying to sleep:

Some fucker will have parked up outside your house and be playing Thirst from his stereo - loud. No possibility of sleep ‘til he drives off...

The look of the car:

Customised. Flanged wheel arches. Lowered suspension. Darkened windows. Optional rear spoiler. Blue spots on the wipers.

The sound of the car:

Inevitably the engine will growl like a rottweiler. As referred to above, the stereo will be anti-socially loud. Oh and it’s going to have those proximity alarms that make a sort of grunting/farting sound whenever anything goes past within a couple of feet.

Inside the car:

It’s dark in there. There’ll be the gleam of chrome. Not too much in the way of comfort, leather bucket seats, rally steering wheel. The stereo will have a large and distracting LED display like a dashboard-mounted fireworks display.


Feels solid, it’s going to corner well, will hug the road at whatever speed you’re going. Not as fast as some vehicles, but it’s an urban vehicle with decent acceleration.

All in all, 'Thirst' is no joke for pedestrians but lots of fun for the driver.

Colin Buttimer
March 2004
Published by Absorb