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Noise, Noise, Noise. Detritus-ridden>>>>> noiSe. Scree•(NOIse. Definitely a sssense of humour notable in the titles ('Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong Now', 'Violent Sci-Fi', 'Digital Masturbation'). Outsider music >  possibly. Sounds as though it was scraped together using torn fingernails and blunt instruments. Trash Art might have cut themselves <<on jagged edges>> of flux and solder, ////\\\//\/\/ spilling tender drops of blood which would have further Fused circuits to produce even greater noisome contortions. >>> Fans of Mego, particularly for Russell Haswell +/- Farmers Manual ::::::::: 'Acid Ruined My Brain' ushers in more muted passages bedeviled by banshee tones and insect chattering but the onslaught returns again - hectic, corruscating, headshredding....
Colin Buttimer
April 2004
Published by Milkfactory