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Triosk ~ Moment Returns

Triosk are an Australian trio who first came to notice for their collaboration with electronica artist Jan Jelinek. Their stated remit is to explore the interstices between jazz improvisation and the structures and textures of electronica. Moment Returns’ tone poems represent a picking up of the thread first sewn by Thelonious Monk on Round Midnight. Klumpes resists the traditional role of soloist, instead opting to create melodic figures and act as rhythmachine alongside Waples and Pike. A few of the tracks serve as (p)reconfigurings of their work with Jelinek, although this time round they’ve allowed a greater residue of jazz to remain and consequently there’s more space for them to explore as players. Though in some ways very different, Triosk are as innovative and as intriguing as their compatriots The Necks. Moment Returns is dark, fertile loam out of which - by rights - many bright green shoots should appear.
Colin Buttimer
August 2004
Published by Jazzwise magazine