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Wibutee ~ Playmachine

Playmachine is the Norwegian quartet’s third album and it represents a highpoint in the group’s increasingly fluid exploration of the interface between extemporisation and electronica. The album’s overdriven graphics stamped on a canary yellow background perfectly complement the jagged, outerworldly funk of the title track. Rune Brøndbo’s synths strafe Hakon Kornstad’s marshal sax lines like 50’s flying saucers in attack mode while Per Zanussi’s electric bass rattles and grunts as if annoyed by Wetle Holte’s click-clack percussion. The track ably serves to make the listener sit up, pay attention and possibly even dance around the room. It’s succeeded by ten more pieces that are alternately reflective, damn funky and rich in new electronic possibilities, while all the time the music integrates naturally with Kornstad’s humane voice at its centre. This is an album that it’s possible to listen to again and again, each time discovering new sonic details and revelling in the beauty of the songwriting. Highly recommended.
Colin Buttimer
February 2005
Published by Jazzwise