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Photo of the book Oneiric sitting on a wooden table top Photo of the book Oneiric open at a page showing a black and white photograph of a woman and child climbing down the roots of a tree. Photo of the book Oneiric open at a page showing a black and white photograph of a classical folly in a park. The trunk of a partially visible tree casts a shadow that almost touches the back of a park bench. The legs of a shop mannequin, lying on a pavement, protrude from behind the trunk of a tree. Two fully-clothed people lie on their backs on a shingle beach, their heads almost touching the water. An emaciated foal stands on dry ground next to a larger horse, barely seen. In the foreground the shadows of two people, in the rear window of a parked car a number of mannequin heads. Seen through a plate glass window, a young woman is standing in a gallery, her head obscured. In a shop window three mannequins, consisting of torsos without legs or heads, wear dark jackets, white shirts and striped ties. In a park, the bust of a man named Dante sits on a pedestal wrapped in transparent plastic. On a distressed concrete wall marks and holes appear to suggest the shape of a skull and torso. A large underground space is seen through a plate glass window on which the reflections of people standing on an escalator are visible. A mother and her young daughter climb down a steep slope holding onto gnarled tree roots. A crowd of people move in different directions in an indoor arcade, above them a clock is mounted horizontally on the ceiling. Part of a room that may be an old chapel can be seen in light and shadow. A narrow street gently rises between white houses, at the top of the slope a signpost is silhouetted against the sky. On an overcast day, a large container vessel floats on the horizon in the middle distance. A red train carriage stands at a platform in a grey modern station, people are reflected in its windows. A narrow tarmac road cuts across a steep, grassy hillside and disappears where the hill meets the sky. In front of a steel concertina shutter, part of a road is patched with different shades of tarmac. A tower block is reflected in a pool on a sandy beach that is shaped into rivulets by the tide. In a park, distant figures sit on a folly-like structure made of Romanesque pillars. Seen from below, a number of people lean their backs against the railings of a large bridge. Seen from below, a figure perches against a barrier under an iron and glass ceiling. A young person in a dark t-shirt and light, wide-brimmed hat sits at a table and buries their head in their arms. Against a backdrop of bamboo plants, a young person with spiky bleached hair raises their arm and looks upwards. Figures pass in front of a window partially obscured by a large, dark curtain. Four people stand by a river silhouetted by a sun that is rising (or setting) behind buildings on the opposite bank.
A figure, partially visible, sits beside a table on which shadows of palm leaves are cast. Seen from below, a hand, pointed downwards, is silhouetted against blurred trees. Looking down on a narrow queue of people whose shadows stretch out to their side. The shadows of long-winged birds are cast on the mirror surface of a shallow pool, through which pebbles can be seen. A cat looks down from the upper window of a suburban house. A cat’s tail and haunches are seen beneath a table and chairs on a patio in a lush garden. The sculpture of a horse’s head looks down from the facade of a building as snow falls.

Dimensions: w: 19.4cm, h: 25.3cm
Photographs (34): 2011–2017
Book: 2019

A narrative, of sorts, traced through a hall of mirrors whose reflections are unsatisfactory.

For my dear friend Robin. I didn’t make this book to frustrate you.

A companion to this work exists in the form of ALT.

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