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I'm on world four and the darkness is coming

9 photographic prints in a grid on a wall with red text at the centre of each image


six images of people walking are held against a white wall by old pieces of wood


an orange Just Eat delivery jacket opened to show a print with handwriting


eight photographs arranged in a two by five vertical grid depicting detritus left by unknown persons in a doorway


a square grid of images with red symbols obscuring many of them


twenty five collaged photographs in a grid on a wall


an installation of photographs pinned to a wall in a grid, a Deliveroo jacket, a chair and a Sports Direct bag


fourteen sheets of A2 printed with colour images and text in a grid, pinned to a white wall


five images of people walking away from the viewer pinned to a wall on poles, two chairs below them have poles balanced between them and on the floor


three large Sports Direct bags pinned in a row to a white wall


7 photographic prints in a row on a wall with coloured text on 5 of the images


a collage of images creating a view from a window towards the City of London

Londone + Remixed

fifteen collaged photographs in a grid on a wall, on the floor beneath them are strewn six photos of the tops of skyscrapers, at the centre of each image is a Costa coffee cup


four prints of discarded clothing pinned on a wall in a rectangular grid


a number of placards with disparate images instead of text stand supported by a chair

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