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Each of the below works has been produced in a single, hand-made edition.

Thirty Six Views of the Emerald City

The cover of the book is a photo of a building hoarding overlaid with the title of the book - Thirty Six Views of the Emerald City

Referencing Hokusai's Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji and Frank L. Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Camley Street

a close-up of a hand-painted signpost with the words Bio-Dome overlaid with the book title Camley Street

A nature reserve at the edge of the King's Cross property development.


a close-up portrait of a young person looking downward with the title Loci overlaid

My own and my family's mental health reflected in the quotidian.

Piss Corners

The cover of the book is the title - Piss Corner - in capital serif letters in grey on a pale yellow background

Dedicated to the owners of our pseudo-public spaces.


The cover shows the title of the book against a background of river-borne detritus

An isolated place on the Thames estuary.

There is no one

The cover of the book shows a green hedge with the title in white in the centre - There is no one

The loss of people to images.

1 Brand New Community

A close-up of a front door - a sunflower has been drawn in blue and yellow on top of dark brown artificial wood grain with the book title overlaid - 1 brand new community

A small act of questioning, resistance and memory.

The State for Years Uncaring

A very high contrast black and white photograph looking up at the underside of an concrete overpass; the title of the book is overlaid - The State for Years Uncaring, abject they became, wretched, stolen or vanished entire

The fate of an architectural style reflects the society that produced it.


A boy lies on a bench seemingly asleep, to his left is a dense thicket of branches

For a moment I hesitated and was afraid to make this book.

All the while clamouring for a piece of the world's true core

A photo of a discarded brown boot on a pavement between two railings

The title is a quotation from The Meursault Investigation by Kamel Daoud.

An Unserious Series

Three book covers showing a  coloured rectangles on which the three titles are displayed - Atavism and, Eleven figures, my children among them, Seven Dachlawhinen

Three small publications exploring ideas of series.


A cat's ear silhouetted against a computer screen'

A cat's attraction to a computer.

Komu Ma

A white rectangle in which there are six small images laid out in a grid consisting of a corner, clouds above the edge of a building, the entrance to a football pitch, a light reflection on a wall, a man seated on a pavement, a dustcart against the wall of a building

The changed sense of pandemic time.


Book cover showing an image of a hoarding of trees and buildings with the title Vicinal overlaid

The pseudo-public King's Cross Quarter.

50 Million Believers

Book cover showing a billboard advertisement with a union jack image

The decade leading up to the UK's secession from the EU.

Art School

Book cover showing a photo of detritus in a large room with the title Art School overlaid in pink capital letters

An art college departs the building it has occupied for a century.


Book cover showing a photo of a hoarding with the words We Live Here overlaid with the title Hoardings

In our time all politics is about real estate.


Book cover showing a white rectangle with the word ALT at the centre

ALT text provides content in an alternative text-based format.

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