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Piss Corners

Dimensions: w: 20.4cm, h: 27.5cm
Photographs: 2017–2019
Book: 2019

started off as corners where piss seen was in vienna in austria just visiting so much piss dogs i guess wont be cats you never see a cat piss at a corner do you piddles tinkles sprays splatters calls responses territories and so on and on and on of course i couldnt smell it from my height and im not bending down who would my aim is higher loftier you might say haha just saw it like everywhere different shapes traces demands pressures urgencies some of them miss the corner some line up nicely with other pissings some hit higher some lower its the staining the mark left on i guess the tarmac and yes paving stones too the paint and the canvas looking around in other places other cities not so many piss corners dogs replaced in the city of london by pissed people pissing puking leaking spilling over wherever not sticking to corners but this isnt a scientific experiment so think what you like but yes maybe should be called piss streets piss pavements piss do i like the shapes i dont know not really just the existing of them their variety you’re looking at them what do you think and can you smell it i think i can

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