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9 photographic prints in a grid on a wall with red text at the centre of each image

I'm on world four and the darkness is coming

Gloss photo paper, printer ink, push pins, wall
w: 147cm h: 99cm
With love and thanks to Gabriel

At the same time, one should not forget the fact that human beings are themselves already modified by the technical phenomenon […] Their whole education is oriented toward adaptation to the conditions of technique (learning how to cross streets at traffic lights) and their instruction is destined to prepare them for entrance into some technical employment. Human beings are psychologically modified by consumption, by technical work, by news, by television, by leisure activities (currently, the proliferation of computer games), etc., all of which are techniques. In other words, it must not be forgotten that it is this very humanity which has been pre-adapted to and modified by technique that is supposed to master and reorient technique.
(Jacques Ellul)

Attack damage

Player who doesn’t move

Play long hours

The delay between the input (action of the player) and the output (reaction of the in-game character)

Weak, inferior

Non-player character

Piece of shit

Player Versus Environment
Players fight against computer-controlled enemies. Can be played alone, with AI companions or online with human companions

Own, dominate
Used most of the time to describe the humiliating defeat of the opposing team

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