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My name is Colin Buttimer. I try to walk around with my eyes open.

I take photographs and make work that includes one-off books, pamphlets and other formats containing selections of those photographs. The predominant subject of my work is the impact of neoliberalism on London, the city where I've lived most of my life.

The work above is titled LONDONE (35% Remix).

Thirty Six Views of the Emerald City | Camley Street |  Loci | Piss Corners |  Creek | There is no one | 1 Brand New Community | The State for Years Uncaring | Oneiric | All the while clamouring for a piece of the world's true core | An Unserious Series | r5o90i3[]mot | Komu Ma | Vicinal | 50 Million Believers | Art School | Hoardings | ALT

Referencing Hokusai's Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji and Frank L. Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
View Thirty Six Views of the Emerald City

a close-up of a hand-painted signpost with the words Bio-Dome

A nature reserve at the edge of the King's Cross property development
View Camley Street

a close-up portrait of a young person looking downward

My own and my family's mental health reflected in the quotidian
View Loci

the cover of the book is the title in capital serif letters in grey on a pale yellow background

Dedicated to the owners of our pseudo-public spaces
View Piss Corners

The cover shows the title of the book against a background of river-borne detritus

An isolated place on the Thames estuary
View Creek

The cover of the book shows a green hedge with the title in white in the centre

The loss of people to images
View There is no one

A close-up of a front door - a sunflower has been drawn in blue and yellow on top of dark brown artificial wood grain

A small act of questioning, resistance and memory
View 1 Brand New Community

A very high contrast black and white photograph looking up a stairwell which appears almost abstract

The fate of an architectural style reflects the society that produced it
View The State for Years Uncaring

A boy lies on a bench seemingly asleep, to his left is a dense thicket of branches

For a moment I hesitated and was afraid to make this book
View Oneiric

A distorted photocopy of the title of the book in handwriting

The title is a quotation from The Meursault Investigation by Kamel Daoud
View All the while clamouring for a piece of the world's true core

The cover of the book shows two vertical beige rectangles on a white background with the book title on the right one

Three small publications exploring ideas of series
View An Unserious Series

A cat's attraction to a warm computer
View r5o90i3[]mot

The changed sense of pandemic time
View Komu Ma

Cover of book with image of building site hoarding

The pseudo-public King's Cross Quarter
View Vicinal

Cover of book showing billboard advertisement with union jack image

The decade leading up to the UK's secession from the EU
View 50 Million Believers

Cover of book showing photo of detritus in a large room

An art college departs the building it has occupied for a century
View Art School

Hoarding with the words We Live Here overlaid with the title Hoardings

In our time all politics is about real estate
View Hoardings (soon)

white rectangle with the word ALT at the centre

ALT text provides the content in an alternative text-based format
View ALT (soon)

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